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So you want to be a Hydro-Turbulence technician. Do you have what it takes? Lost Paddle Rafting offers whitewater river guide training held annually each spring beginning in mid to late May. Our whitewater guide training course is very competitive and completion of the course does not guarantee employment. Only the best of those who complete training will be offered employment with Lost Paddle. However, successful completion of our training course will provide all of the minimum requirements to work as a commercial river guide in the state of Colorado, and throughout most of the world. The course is approximately 21 days long and may require some overnight river trips. The cost is $599 per person. To secure your spot a 50% deposit of $299 is required with the full amount due by April 15th. Payment can be submitted below by clicking the "Book Now" button. Call 1-866-766-7238 for details. Training exceeds state minimum requirements of 50 hrs of on river training. We train on several different river sections teaching our guides to "read" the water as opposed to memorizing rapids. Guide Trainees must obtain a current First Aid/CPR certification through the American Red Cross. Topics and Skills Covered in Our Course Include: Rigging and maneuvering the vessel River Currents, Eddies, and Waves River Hazards Types and causes of rapids Scouting and running rapids River Rescue and emergency procedures Minimizing outdoor recreation impact Proper fit, wearing and use of Personal Flotation Devices For Employment Information and Training Schedule Call and talk to either Jim Wick (owner) or Nathan Franze (head boatman) (719) 275.0884 or 866.766.7238